• Numerous guitarists have played Epiphone Casinos, including Dave Davies, the Edge, Noel Gallagher, Keith Richards and Paul Weller, but the Beatles remain the artists that most guitar players think of first whenever the Casino is mentioned.However, the meteoric rise of modern blues phenomenon Gary Clark Jr., whose main guitar is also a Casino, suggests that there may be a new contender for king of the Casino. Clarks use of Casinos on stage and on his incendiary Blak and Blu album has resulted in a surge in demand for the model. So it made perfect sense for Epiphone to introduce the new limited edition Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blu E230TDV Casino.

  • Fane Medusa 150 12, Speaker Summary – If youre looking for a speaker with a big bottom end, while retaining the clarity of your mids and highs, this is the speaker for you. Pros – Huge bottom end on this little beasty. Played clean, its very acoustic-sounding and quite pleasing. With a sensitivity rating of 103, this

  • Id never really played through a 15 guitar speaker before firing up Fenders new 57 Custom Pro-Amp. Sure, in a pinch Ive jacked into a big bass amp when a guitar amp wasnt available, but it never sounded good. So while not entirely skeptical, I approached this new spin on a classic tweed with a certain curiosity. Wow! My ears are now open! As a fan of fat, low-mid-seated guitar sounds, I didnt know what Id been missing. But plugging into this 26-watt, thin-cabbed combo . . .

  • Fender Stratacoustic Deluxe Summary – An extremely pleasant surprise from Fender with both electric and acoustic properties. Shaped like a Strat and a sporting a Strat neck, for any Strat player, its immediately familiar! Pros – Amazing tones. First electric acoustic Ive played through an amp that didnt sound like an acoustic guitar plugged into an amp.

  • Some of the most awesome benefits of an acoustic guitar are its portability and ability to be played almost anywhere (other than underwater). Unfortunately, however, in some cases, an acoustic guitar simply isnt always loud enough. The Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge is the perfect companion for an acoustic-electric guitar when you want to be able to perform anywhere and be heard loud and clear without having to haul around a bunch of gear.Featuring a rechargeable battery, compact dimensions, light weight and a ton of awesome features, the Loudbox Mini Charge delivers all the pro performance benefits of an acoustic guitar amp in a package you can carry anywhere in one hand.

  • 1987 Gibson ES-335 Custom St (St = Standard Studio) Summary – A rare beauty with a natural blonde finish with classic ES-335 tone!Pros – Absolutely tip-top shape for a guitar of this age. No major dings, but has been well-played. Sounds amazing!Cons – None.Features – Mahogany neck Bound carved flame maple top and maple sides and back Bound ebony

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