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Alayon - WLR - ARACOM DRX Attenuator - ARACOM PLX100 Amplifier
ARACOM DRX Power Attenuator ARACOM PLX100 Custom Amplifier used on all tracks All guitar parts performed by George Alayon.
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Aracom PLX100 Summary – Based upon the PLX amp, platform, that Jeff Aragaki has created for creating customer-specific amps, this 100-watt beast is actually 3 classic Marshall amps in 1 – Plexi 100 SuperLead (JMP), Plexi PA, and JCM800 (high gain). Features Three channels (Plexi SuperLead, Plexi PA, JCM800) Bite Switch (mild mid boost) Master Volume Control

Link: Aracom PLX100 Review | Guitar Gear
Review by Guitar Gear
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