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Aracom DRX Power Attenuator Summary – Truly an evolution of the attenuator, Jeff Aragaki has once again upped the ante with the DRX attenuator. This dual-level attenuator not only will tame your volume, but it will give you the ability to use two different volume levels; and with the optional foot switches, will give you flexibility

Link: Aracom DRX Power Attenuator Review | Guitar Gear
Review by Guitar Gear


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    Aracom Power Rox PRX150-Pro Attenuator Summary – This is hands-down the best attenuator on the market! Ive played a lot of attenuators, and no other has been able to retain tone and dynamics at high attenuation levels as the Power Rox! Pros – The Power Rox isnt just an attenuator. It packs extra features thatll

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