Fender Standard Stratocaster MIM

by BlakeMcKibben
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Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM) Demo by Jesse Fildes
I just picked up this Fender Standard Stratocaster in Midnight Wine finish, and thought I should do a demo. It sounds great! Subscribe for more cool videos: ...
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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLy9xePQ_4HFcznYNhLZOrlDxEnYe31d84&layout=gallery[/embedyt]
Fender Standard Stratocaster
The Fender Standard Stratocaster (made in Mexico) just might be the most popular guitar under $500. And for good reason. Build quality, tone and playability are so good with the Mexican Strat it requires a true connoisseur to tell it apart from its American brother. This model is also a favorite for modding, often by swapping out pickups and pots.


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