Alexander Jubilee Silver Overdrive Pedal

by BlakeMcKibben
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Alexander Jubilee Silver Overdrive
Buy Now: https://goo.gl/JzA8JY Welcome back to ProGuitarShop.com. This is the Jubilee, from Alexander Pedals. The Jubilee is an all-analog pedal meant to ...
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The Alexander Jubilee Silver Overdrive is a serious tone box, taking the dirt and drive of an iconic British amp and stuffing it into a bulletproof pedal. Shop


    Alexander Pedals Colour Theory Review | Premier Guitar

    Alexander Pedals?product arc has undergone an interesting evolution since its 2015 launch. Initial offerings were midsized single-effectors like the Princess Clang Royal Overdrive and F.13 flanger. Then 2016 saw larger, more ambitious boxes like the Super Radical Delay and Oblivion Vintage Delay, which featured more knobs, modes, and LEDs, and the ability to tweak extra

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