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  • Aroma AGS8 Instrument Stand Summary – For me, this is a gigging musicians wet dream as far as guitar stands go. Not only is it sturdy, well-designed and well-built, it is light AF! Pros – Did I mention that this stand is light It doesnt seem to weigh much more than a pound if that. But dont

  • Awesome Guitars TCP-T2 Telecaster Control Plate Summary – Want to expand the tonal possibilities of your Tele This solderless control plate assembly will give you six distinct tones.Pros – Undoubtedly, the pros here are that youre going to get tones that youve never heard from your Tele. Cons – Not quite as easy to install as advertised –

  • Barber Direct Drive Summary – The Direct Drive is a nice, fairly transparent overdrive that maintains your amps tone that can produce mild grit to over-the-top, searing gain that sustains for days. Pros – As overdrive pedals go, this pedal sounds great, and with internal trim pots you can adjust the bass response and presence. This

  • Barron Wesley Guitars Alpha #7 Summary – Similar to the Alpha that I recently reviewed, this guitar sports Honduran mahogany, and the tonal difference is HUGE. I really liked the last edition (#5), but this rendition of the Alpha has it all going on. Ringing clean tones and lots of muscle. Nice. Pros – Again, all hand-made,

  • Barron Wesley Guitars Alpha Summary – From new luthier Russell comes an amazingly affordable custom guitar thats a joy to play, and has a unique sound without losing that classic tone that youd expect from a PAF-equipped guitar. Pros – All hand-made. Ill estimate its weight to be around 8 lbs, so its easy on the shoulder.

  • Blackheart BH5-112 Little Giant 5Watt Combo Summary – Nice, simple, and versatile studio/practice/small venue amp with sporting happening EL-84 tones. Pros – Sweet and chimey EL-84 tones with Class A circuitry; simple and straightforward to use. Switchable between 5Watts and 3Watts, ensuring usability in just about any smaller venue. 3W mode kicks ass for getting power tube

  • Bohemian Guitars BOHO Series Motor Oil Summary – Inexpensive but incredibly playable and most importantly, very nice sounding, the BOHO Motor Oil really took me by surprise. Yeah, it seems a bit gimmicky, but these guitars are inspired by the founders South African roots where people put instruments together from whatever they could find. Pros – Super-easy

  • When it comes to chorus sounds, Roland/BOSS is pretty much the standard for the last twenty or so years. The CE-2 has especially been very sought-after used pedal 1) for its simplicity and; 2) for its analog design. I owned a CE-2 back in the 80s, and have since kicked myself since I traded it

  • BOSS CS-3 Compression/Sustainer Summary – If youre looking to really squeeze your signal, this boxll do it. Pros – 4 knobs provide great flexibility to shape your compression. For the money, its a pretty good deal. Cons – Has probably some of the most severe compression Ive ever experienced, which results in a loss of tone. Sounds okay

  • Summary – The littlest brother of the BOSS Katana line of amps, this amp packs heaps of tone and dynamics comparable to a valve amp. But instead of trying to cop the sound and feel of a tube amp platform, the Katana has a sound all its own, providing the characteristics one would expect from a

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